​Dr. Neteira Anu El​​
Dr. Anu received her Doctorial Degree in Metaphysics from CEB House of Metaphysics in 2007.  She is a best selling author and a worldwide Intuitive Life Coach.  She recieved her Life Coach Certification through International Certification Federation.  She has also recieved her certification from the John Maxwell University as a leader, coach and speaker.  She maintains her listing on their website as a John Maxwell team mate.   

​The Law of Attraction
​All Roads Lead Back To You
The Law of Attraction is real.  However, knowing it exist isn't necessarily enough to make it work the way you want it to in your life.  I remember trying to attract the things I wanted in my life by doing positive affirmations.  I was discouraged.  Nothing was working.  I remember saying what am I missing. 

The answer, I was missing a piece.  What was I missing you ask?  The knowledge of like attracts like.  That is a key component when dealing with the Law of Attraction.  You can only attract what you are.  As within so without. 

If I am full of chaos I will attract chaos.  If I am love I attract love.  This is very powerful to know.  There is a challenge I had to face when I learned this secret.  I had to be honest with myself.  As you can imagine it is hard to see one’s own self as being the problem.  This knowing made me look deep within myself and find out who I really was.  I was a person full of pain and hurt, so I was attracting people and creating events in my life that reflected that pain and hurt.

It was a lot of work removing the challenging things that were lying within me but after doing the work I began to see the change in me.  When I changed so did my experiences.  I gave birth the full understanding and realization of the saying as within so without. 

Today I use my gift of intuitive coaching to assist other in doing the work to create the greatest inside so they can have the greatest experience outside.
Dr. Neteira ​ANU El
Dr. Neteira ​ANU El has combined her gift of being a clairvoyant empath who hears from angels and loved ones  into her life's work.  Her worldwide practice has helped many people discover the divine energy that exist inside themselves. 

Her motto is "Once you lead a person back to themselves they will find GOD and remember their eternal relationship." Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it

Her personal development classes are top notch.  If you get an opportunity to be a part of one it will change your life forever.  She helps others by creating an environment that allows them to be comfortable hearing their truth.  She helps each individual get to know their best selves.  This is her life work.