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Dr. Kenneth Parker, a psychologist at Queens College in New York. An article in the Journal of Counseling Psychology, Volume 29

  • Study on the ability of subliminal messages to influence academic performance.
  • 60 college students were enrolled in an undergraduate summer session law course with the experimenter-instructor for 6 weeks. In addition to the normal course of instruction, all subjects received visual subliminal stimulation before 3 out of 5 lectures each week.
  • Subjects exposed to subliminal messages earned significantly higher grades than the control group. These results were viewed as consistent with findings of earlier studies on the effects of subliminal messages on schizophrenics, insect-phobics, obesity, and alcoholics.

SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE Dr. Kenneth Parker’s studies showed Groups one and two, receiving activating subliminal messages achieved average grades in the range of a high B to low A. Group three, the control, received an average grade in the low B range. In addition, those who received subliminal messaged also had higher retention of the learned material after one month than the control group.


Dr. Lloyd H. Silverman, a psychologist at New York University, has been at the forefront of subliminal testing for over 20 years:

  • Study on 40 groups of subjects incorporated a subliminal message into the treatment of half the group of smokers trying to quit.
  • One month after the study a greater percentage of the group exposed to subliminal messages were still non-smokers.

SUBLIMINAL PERCEPTION PROVED Using sound recordings that were speeded up until they were no longer understandable, and mixing these messages with other music, one group was exposed to the music-plus-message tape, another group to the music-only tape. Analysis of drawings done by the two groups revealed significant differences between them, suggesting that the subconscious mind picks up the hidden content, proving that subliminal messaging produces results.


Silverman, L.H., Martin, A., Ungaro, R., and Mendelsohn, E. "Effect of Subliminal Stimulation of Symbiotic Fantasies on Behavior Modification Treatment of Obesity." Clinical Psychology.

  • Two experiments on subliminal perception were conducted on groups of 30 and 26 women. The women' s age ranged from 22 to 59 years and were at least 15% overweight. The subjects were randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. Both groups were given instructions for the treatment of obesity (i.e. Instructions on how to keep records of amount and calorie content of feed eaten, how to systematically reduce the number of situations in which they ate and how to reward themselves for appropriate eating behavior).
  • In addition, at the start and end of all treatment sessions, each subject was asked to image a situation in which she was tempted to over-eat and them presented tachistoscopically with a 4 msec. subliminal exposure of "Mommy and I are one" (experimental group) or "People walking" (control group). Subjects were also instructed that if they were tempted to over-eat outside of treatment sessions they should form a mental image of the tachistoscopic flash and try to refrain from eating.
  • In both studies the experimental groups lost more weight than the control subjects, which differences increased to reach significance by the end of the follow-up period. Researchers concluded that the use of subliminal stimuli and subliminal perception were able to help people reduce their over-eating.


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