Welcome To The Anu Practice


The Anu Practice is the practice of tapping inside yourself and locating your deepest spiritual place, then actively remove all programs (false teachings) that taught you that you couldn't be who you came to this earth to be.

If you are visiting this site it is because you have decided to do just that. Dr. Anu, who is the creator of The Anu Practice creates a safe place for you to have this divine experience.

Before you can fully operate in the Law of Attraction Dr. Anu believe you must first go through the The Anu Practice.
Living Life Limitless is possible!

The Law of Attraction is real. However knowing that it's real doesn't make it work. I hit a dry spot in my life and decided to use this Law of Attraction thing. I started doing the positive affirmations everyone was talking about.

Nothing changed and it became very discouraging. Nothing worked. I remember saying to myself what am I missing?
I later learned I was missing a very important piece. What was I missing you ask? The knowledge of like attracts like. That is a key component when dealing with the Law of Attraction. You can only attract what you are. As within so without.

If I am full of chaos I will attract chaos. If I am full of love I attract love. This is very instrumental information. This was extremely challenging. I had to be honest with myself about who I am and who I was.

As you can imagine it's hard to see yourself as being the problem. This knowing made me look deep within myself and find out who I was being in every moment of my life.

I was a person full of pain and hurt, so I was attracting people and creating events in my life that reflected that pain and hurt.
It was a lot of work removing the layers of pain within me. After doing the work I began to see the change in me. When I changed so did my experiences. It gave birth to the full understanding and realization of the saying as within so without.

Today I use my gift of intuitive coaching to assist other in doing the work to create the greatest inside so they can have the greatest experience outside.