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One day Dr. Anu asked GOD did you die? I love reading about you but the messages in this book is so old and it's other people's story of you from other people's perspective thousands of years ago.   If you're not dead then why aren't people still writing about you?  Why is the bible not filled with more entries.  

GOD answered Dr. Anu and every since then she's been on a mission gathering people's story adding it to her video book called I am the living word. This video book hold stories from people all over the world. Stories bout how they found GOD. 

Your family, your grandchildren don't have to worry about how you felt or what you were thinking about GOD, or how you experienced GOD because they can come right to the video bible and find your chapter and hear your story from your lips.  How awesome is that?

Add your chapter.  Tell your story.  Visit https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/TAPZMU.  Select I am the living world.


Host Your very Own Spiritual Hearing & Healing Event

What happens at a spiritual hearing & healing event?

give the gift that keeps on giving - spiritual healing

Interested In Hosting A Spiritual Hearing & Healing Party (SHHP)

What is a SHHP? 

It is an event where Dr. Anu brings her spiritual gifts to your event.  She goes around the room and does her intuitive readings and life coaching.  Dr. Anu often brings message from love ones that have transitioned. She does this with such ease and she makes your guest feel welcomed and comfortable.  

Who can Host? 

This is a referral business so if you’re not a part of the tribe please contact Dr. Anu and schedule an interview before booking your part.  Dr. Anu is very careful as to who she words with as this space is very sacred to her.

What is the Host responsible for?

The host is responsible for the venue, scheduling the date and time and any refreshment you want to offer your guest.  

What is Dr. Anu’s responsibility? 

Dr. Anu is required to show up on time to your event.  She will bring with her team if needed to help her facilitate any exercise spirit has given her to do.  Dr. Anu will deliver any message she receives to you and your guest.  She will make contact with everyone there and deliver whatever spiritual message that comes up for them.  Dr. Anu will stay for a period of 2hrs.  

How many people can be at the event?

No more than 10 people at a time total.  Dr. Anu does this to make sure she has time to deliver each message and to maintain the intimacy of the work she does. 

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