One day Dr. Anu said I"m going to a place where no one can reach me.  This place is not death but it is death to allowing others to control my thoughts, actions and how I respond to this life experience.  I'm going to get some spiritual knowledge, wisdom, awareness, and power that will be so strong that I could pass through hell and not get burnt.  When I get to this place I will call it The Mountain Top.

The Anu Practice mission to help humanity reach The Mountain Top.



Dr. Anu received her Doctoral Degree in Metaphysics from CEB House of Metaphysics in 2007. She is a bestselling author and a worldwide Intuitive Law Of Attraction Life Coach. She received her Life Coach Certification through an approved school of The International Certification Federation. She has also received her certification from the John Maxwell University as a leader, coach and speaker.

Dr. Anu has been a clairvoyant empath who talks with angels and people's loved ones all her life. It wasn’t until she was in her twenties that she was comfortable coming out to the world and sharing her abilities. During her childhood years these abilities were frowned upon in her Christian community. For many years of her life she suppressed her abilities, she tells about her journey in her bestselling book Wounded By Christianity Healed By GOD.

Dr. Anu created this space so people who need to hear messages and learn to heal themselves could have a safe space to be.