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Dr. Anu received her Doctorial Degree in Metaphysics from CEB House of Metaphysics in 2007. She is a bestselling author and a worldwide Intuitive Life Coach. She received her Life Coach Certification through International Certification Federation. She has also received her certification from the John Maxwell University as a leader, coach and speaker.

Dr. Anu has been a clairvoyant empath who talks with angels and love ones all her life. It wasn’t until she was in her twenties that she was comfortable coming out to the world. These gifts were frowned upon in her Christian community. For many years of her life she suppressed her abilities, she tells about her journey in her bestselling book Wounded By Christianity Healed By GOD. One night GOD woke her up and told her to call her uncle, who was also her pastor. GOD said tell him everything. She was scared to but she did and from that moment on she was taught to be free to be her. She discovered that GOD created her this way so she can do her part in healing herself and humanity.

Who gave her the name Anu? One day Dr. Anu was visited by a being, a beautiful, loving kind heavenly being. It sat inside her body one day and showed her a vision of her people. They had a conversation that lasted hours. Her family was around to witness it. Her uncle was interpreting to her family the words she was speaking out loud, she was explaining to them what she was seeing but it did not come out in English. Dr. Anu was speaking what she later learned was her native language. The language of the Anu people. It explained that it was a divine aspect of GOD and its name was Anu. Anu explained to her that she was her descendant and gave her the lineage of her people. This is why the name Anu is written differently in the spelling of her name. This is how Dr. Anu gives homage and respect to the divine spirit that walks within her.

 Dr. Anu has taken her gifts and formulated them into her life’s work. She enjoys helping people hear from the spirit but more importantly she loves watching their transformation. Through her spiritual journey she has learned that the amazing energy we commonly call GOD exists in everything. There is no thing or place that GOD (vibration, frequency) does not exist. That awareness was the most incredible truth she ever discovered. It transcends religious practices, cultural practices and is completed explained by science. When we know this we no longer participate in separation. We no longer see ourselves as being separate from each other but we see ourselves as complete and whole, lacking nothing. We remember we are but one body one mind one spirit one soul.

 Dr. Anu is here to bring a healing back to the people, to restore their memory. She causes each of her clients to go inside themselves and find heaven. GOD is EVERYTHING and that everything lives inside each of us. Luke 17:21 the kingdom of heaven is within you.  She helps others remember how to listen to that still inner voice and give it permission to be heard.

Dr Anu
Dr Anu

What is Clairvoyant, intuitive, & spiritual mean?



Is a person who claims to have a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future or beyond normal sensory contact.



An intuitive person is someone who generally has a feel for something. Either they know something's going to happen, or have a feel for whether or not a situation or person is positive or negative.



Spiritual is the act of relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

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Wounded By Christianity Healed By GOD


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