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  • Dr anu are you only doing healing sessions in person now ? I live in Canada and don't see anyplace to book a one on one session with you anymore, aside from the in person ones? we had a live hearing a while ago now and hoped to continue some self work? 

    Please let me know thanks Anji 

  • I see that the Wednesday night hearings group has been removed.  Are you still doing them?  You mention the three steps and I thought step 1 was a hearing.  Thank you.


  • Hello beautiful souls.. am so  excited for Sunday.

  • Dr. Anu I didn't know where to post this ... i wasn't sure if it was ok on the main page? I am not trying to impose ... I just wanted to share with you a general meaning of bear ... not sure it resonates but wanted to share the symbolism/ totem . It's one that I also get...  feel free to delete it if it's not appropriate... purest of intention to just pass it on...

    "The primary meaning of the
    bear spirit animal is strength
    and confidence. ... The spirit of
    the the bear indicates it's time
    for healing or using healing
    abilities to help self or others.
    The bear medicine
    emphasizes the importance of
    solitude, quiet time, rest. The
    spirit of the bear provides
    strong grounding forces."

  • Thank you and be blessed!

This reply was deleted.

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