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  • Hey Jerralyn ,

    thanks for the message, not sure if I can answer some of the questions you asked me but here goes?! Maybe some of this resonates with you but If not that's ok to... Because Symbols and totems are always open to interpretation, and can have a different resonance or meaning from one person to another. There is no one way to understand it.
    It's Especially based on context or considering what is happening within your life in that moment.
    Sometimes they come as guides or reminders but manifest from our own consciousness, only you would truly know what it truly means to you.

    This is the message I get from the Eagle .... 
    Eagles are powerful symbols and often known for strength, vision, beauty, victory, humility, honesty, freedom, purity, & truthful principle.
    They are a spirit animal of the great spirit, source or highest-self , and often guide us to go deeper into our spiritual journey.
    In flight they are reminding us to open up to new opportunities, perceptions, and dimensions of awareness.
    Eagles are especially representative of Strength, timing and accuracy.
    They guide us to discover our personal power and the freedom to follow our chosen path.

    That which enables us to soar , explore and grow.
    Eagles are masters of earth, air, and water (the source life).
    With exceptional vision they encourage  us to grasp the opportunities when the timing is right. Guiding us to manifest our destiny and choosing to bring it to fruition.

    Hope it makes sense to you , with humblest heart and blessings Anji 

  • She called me up privately through messenger. Just the same as Facebook live, but just You and her. She will walk you through it. I am excited for you to have your session. Enjoy! 

  • Hello beautiful lady. Thank you so much for the message. It made my heart sing. I know there is a chat room on this site for you to get to know the fellow tribe members. The people in the tribe are so amazing.  Morning self talk is the place I connect with them the best cause I like to see faces. Have you tried it? Dr Anu has taught me to speak over my life and I am forever thankful for that nugget of knowledge. My life has changed and I embrace it. Yep I am a hippie and proud of it. I believe in loving all people, unless they give me a reason not to. I love without judgement and my purpose is to bring peace, love, kindness, and provide a happy place for people in whatever space I’m in. If you are seeking the same, the tribe is the place for you. I hope to see your beautiful face on morning self talk. Making connections is so important. Thank you soooooo much for reaching out to me. Have an amazing day and let your light shine. 

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